The world burns.
Champions clash for their mortal and immortal lords.
Should the war rage on eternal, all shall be ash.


The new gods have awoken at last. For millennia the world was in the darkness, and yet now it is forced into the blinding light. The powers that be have decided they shall not share stewardship of this world, and instead march their disciples to war.

The Age of ancients was long ago, their powers and magics lost, but not permanently. Some say they offer untold power to their wielders, while others say they are cursed by the long dead old gods. Regardless, it is plain to see that the new gods hunger for their mysteries, hoping to gain the definitive advantage over the competition.

The War for the Heavens has begun, and there can only be one winner, one ruler over all creation.

Prepare your blades for war.

Rise of the Immortals